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Measurement & Installation

At Urban Shade & Shutter We offer installation of all products that we sell as well as the products of many other Window Covering manufacturers. Including all typical blinds and shades both standard and motorized, draperies and interior shutters.

How to Clean Blinds

Do not wash; use strong detergents, or spot removers. Dry cleaning is not recommended. Do not use water, strong detergents, or abrasive solutions to clean the blind; can cause damage. Avoid contact with window cleaning products.
Use a slightly damp cloth to blot gently or a vacuum with an upholstery attachment to clean your shades when dusty. Be careful not to wrinkle or crush the fabric when cleaning. Use a slightly damp cloth, you can either clean the blind hanging in place or you can take it down. Hint: By tilting the slats down slightly, but not quite closed, you'll be able to clean most of the top surface of each slat. Use a feather duster or a vacuum with an upholstery attachment; brush lightly over the shade. Or use a lukewarm damp sponge and lightly dab the shade.
Decorative Cloth tape: Use a soft sponge or cloth moistened with lukewarm water, blot gently.


What Style Fits your Décor ?

Your choices should reflect and enhance what you love about each room in your home. Explore some of our helpful tips.

Romantic Point of View

In many a room, the window is the source of the romance as it bathes it in warm light. Romantic living rooms and bedrooms take to window coverings that are rustic and warm such as a wood blind. Quaint English cottage-looks are achieved with Shutters or Wood Blinds, as are beach homes or island retreats.

A Revered Outlook

Time-honored rooms let your personal history shine through. Filled with traditions and mementos, they can be living rooms, home offices or bedrooms with a handsome, masculine feel, an English library for example, with Wood Blinds of dark-stained oak on the windows. Or, classic rooms with Wood Blinds accentuated with tapes to complement the furnishings. Honeycombs set off a home with a rich heritage inherent in the decor while protecting heirlooms from the sun.

"Invite the outdoors in, and make it part of your rooms cape."

Sights Set on Rustic

Rustic runs the gamut. Your idea might be a lodge in the heart of the city. With windows done in Southern knotty pine Wood Blinds, who's to know it's not Vermont? Rustic American country or folk art décor gets an extra layer of charm with Shutters or Roman Shades done in a linen textured fabric. Roller Shades in mesh, our Montego pattern, let in the filtered light and a whole lot of castaways atmosphere. Topping off many a rustic room, is a carved-look Cornice box over the window.

What Suits your Needs?

Privacy Matters

Consider before you choose whether you prefer complete privacy 100% of the time, or a moderate degree to maximize light. Perhaps your wish is to block a less than desirable view from a window. 3 Day Blinds has excellent choices in all respects, plus many Top Down Bottom Up upgrades for shades that allow you to have your privacy and your sunshine, too.

View Preservation

Great view ? Don't block it, frame it. Select a window treatment that opens up the outside world while still serving your other needs. As a rule, wider louvers or slats on blinds or shutters will offer more "view space" when opened. The top down/bottom up options for shades and horizontal blinds also provide a means for looking out while preserving privacy.

Energy Efficiency

An insulating window covering is like an investment. It can pay for itself in the long run. Since experts claim we can lose up to 40% of energy through the glass panes, keeping a heating bill down in the winter and holding the cool air in during the summer is a big factor. Cells in Honeycomb Shades do this marvelously. Shutters and Vertical Blinds are also tops. Roman Shades, Faux Wood Blinds and Wood Blinds can be counted on to insulate well, too.

Light Control

There are occasions when you wish to protect yourselves and your fine furnishings from the damaging UV rays of the sun. Western and Southern exposures are most vulnerable. Horizontal Sheer Shades are just one good choice when you want to bask in the sunshine without the harmful effects. On the other hand, there may be rooms where you wish to cut the light, or block it entirely for daytime sleepers or media room viewing. Many 3 Day Blinds shades and treatment are available with Room Dimming to Room Darkening features as an upgrade or an option.

Practical Above All

3 Day Blinds meets many specialized needs, but above all, the ease and safety of operation are paramount. Our blind and shade lifts are designed to protect children and pets from senseless accidents. We also offer free Child Safety Retrofit Kits to adapt cords on your existing window treatments. Our product line features a number of wipe-clean, extra durable window coverings for high traffic areas in family homes where pets and young children pass. Your laundry rooms, baths and kitchen or eating areas might benefit from the many attractive yet moisture-resistant treatments, including those in Faux Wood, Vertical or Horizontal Vinyl Blinds.

What Color and Material?

Gather Chips and Swatches

Before your design consultation, making a visit to a 3 Day Blinds showroom or making a single color decision on your own, pull together samples of your wall colors and swatches of your room's main fabric decor. If you have already ordered your free color swatches and chips from 3 Day Blinds, place these with your others on a small board or on index cards. Carry them along to refer to when unifying elements in a room.

Consider Your Space

To open up the room and make it appear larger, choose a color or material for your windows that is similar in tone to your walls. To make a room look and feel cozier, or turn the window into a focal point, use a contrast color.

Don't Be Afraid of Color

Color is a silent language. It sends subliminal messages that lift spirits and affect your comfort level in your home environment. Bolder or brighter colors add life to rooms like kitchens and children's spaces where there is lots of energy. Rustic colors drawn from the earth, including richly stained and honeyed woods, become color conduits, drawing the peace and tranquility of the outdoors in. Neutral shades warm up a room and showcase your accent pieces but neutral does not have to be "beige". Every color in the color wheel has its neutral point. With so many reasons to add color, and so many choices in the palette, is there any reason to think all-white rooms ever again?

All the Trimmings

For some window coverings such Roller Shades, it's time to choose the decorative borders and trims. For Wood and Faux Wood Blinds, the wide fabric tapes are part of the color and pattern fun. Match these to your rooms cape, picking up the same accent colors in several other spots around the room. If a cornice box is part of your plan, choose the carved effect and color that works best, making it the crowning touch of your décor.

Consider the Street View

Don't forget - there's another side to the window color story. Take into consideration how your choice will look from the outside of your windows. 3 Day Blinds has also considered this in Honeycomb Shades, Vinyl Blinds, Vinyl Vertical Blinds or Fabric Vertical Blinds with Channeled PVC Insert; all colors and patterns will appear neutral from the street view.

Easy Payment Plan

We offer various easy monthly payment plans, No Interest payments, No payment and interest plans. Instant Approval OAC. See store for more information or click the link for instant financing options:


Motorized Roller Shades

Some tips to keep your kids safe and sound.

  • Ensure that beds, cribs, furniture and anything else that can be climbed upon are moved far away from windows.
  • Keep all cords high up and well out of the reach of kids.
  • Tuck the cord over the top of the blinds or shades.
  • Keep pull cords as short as possible.
  • Fix continuous-loop pull cords to the wall or floor.
  • Install cord stops on the inner cords between blinds slats so they have limited movement.

Fabric Choices

Sunscreen Fabric

Black out Roller

Motor Instruction




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