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Panel Track

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Panel Track

Panel Glides offer a sleek, contemporary option for providing both shade and privacy to large windows. They’re much like a very large vertical blind, in that they use strips or ‘panels’ of fabric which are suspended from an aluminum track. These panels stack one in front of the other when the blind is drawn and overlap slightly when the blinds are in use so that no light can slip between them.

The width and number of panels each panel glide blind needs is determined by the size of your windows and your own personal preferences – depending on what you want, you can have panels that stack to one side of your window or are split down the middle and stack on either side, like a pair of curtains.

The panels are made using a stiffened fabric, and with a wide range available in terms of plain colors, patterns, translucent materials and full block-out options, there’s something to suit any application and style. And for even more individuality and flair, braids and other decorative finishing touches can also be added.

Panel glides can also be used as an attractive, temporary room divider, offering improved flexibility and utility for any room. Operated with child-safe ‘wand’ controls that are attached to the blind’s first panel, this can offer unparalleled ease when it comes to moving panels (or ‘partitions’) into place.

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